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Duelo do Dia: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Kate Upton

Duelo do Dia: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Kate Upton


Last week's Face Off was a pretty clear win for Sue from BAD SANTA over Jovie from ELF. I agree with you on that. Jovie was cute, but Sue was a freaky, Santa-screwing sex machine. Not many guys are going to pass up a hottie who requires little more than a red suit and dumb hat to get her engine going.
Well, here we are. Time to say adieu to 2012. It was quite a ride, in more ways than one, but especially with the hotties. This year saw the exploits of quite a few lovely ladies make their way across your screens. Before 2012 comes to a complete close, we have just enough time to take one last look back at two of the year's most beloved ladies. Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence had an amazing 2012. Career wise, they were rocketing up their respective ladders. Yet one question remains - which one of the two was the hotter hottie of 2012? Tell us about it below.
I hear so much shit being flung around about how Kate is a dime-a-dozen beauty. No one ever flat out labels her as ugly mind you. They just don't find her as impressive as some other model they deem to be the last word in what is beautiful in all womanhood. That sounds a lot like haters hating to me. Kate is gorgeous. She might not look the same as some chiseled thing on the cover of Vogue, but who the hell cares? Kate's beautiful enough for anyone.
I know there are a minority of you out there who aren't on board with Jennifer and I can sort of see where you're coming from. While I can't claim that she does nothing for me, it does feel like her beauty fluctuates. It happens almost every time I see her. I might happen upon a photo spread one week where she looks amazing, then the next week I find a spread where she's only so so. I don't know if that's just a matter of different lighting or variations in how she's Photoshopped, but this is a thing that continues to trouble me about Jen.
Too difficult to make a call on this one. Both these ladies have fantastic bodies that have given them quite a boost in popularity. Obviously Kate's primary claim to fame is the quality manner in which her various bodily assets fit into a bikini or a bra and panties or nothing at all. Kate has yet to bare her goods completely, although she's come about as close as a woman can without actually doing it. From her various photo spreads we can pretty much piece together what she's got waiting for us under whatever scant attire she's wearing. And it is glorious.
While Jennifer is not known exclusively for the quality of her build, a healthy percentage of her fame and popularity is nonetheless owed to her lovely attributes in the body department. I might find myself fluctuating on the value of her looks, but there's never been a time when I wasn't entirely sold on her exceptional figure. One of the many great things about Jen is that she knows just as well as anyone how hot she is and she hardly ever fails to prove that with various provocative dresses at premieres or a talk show appearances. That kind of confidence is a character trait I admire in any woman.
Another difficult call, but I'm giving it to Kate, mostly because her primary means of income (other than her share of her family's Whirlpool empire fortune) are her abilities in the hotness area. You can say a lot about Kate, but you can't deny that she knows how to show off her goods in a manner that's conducive to giving the properly equipped people a significant amount of discomfort in the pants. Succinctly put, girl is a boner generator. Nuff said.
Pretty sure Jennifer is known for a thing or two other than being hot little number. I recall there was once an Oscar nomination list with her name on it, as well as a whole bunch of consistent praise for her skills in front of a camera. That doesn't downgrade her hottie characteristics, but it feels right to give the prize here to the contestant who puts the most time into cultivating her hotness. Pretty sure that's Kate.
Something tells me that Kate is not the sort of model who will be around forever, or as long as a model can be anyway. For one thing, she doesn't really need to do it (Whirlpool fortune), but there's also the pressure of a hateful modelling world constantly giving her shit. Then you got the fact that she's had that rapid rise up the ladder of success, without a lot of due-paying for her trouble. Those kinds of rapid rises can and do resolve with flash-in-the-pan endings. I can't say for certain what Kate's career will do, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if she's absent the scene come 2015, if not sooner
While Jennifer's rise was just as fast as Kate's, her talents are much more consistently accepted and celebrated by her peers and audiences alike. Also, the potential for a long career in the acting field is significantly more than the average model can expect. All this is doubled by the fact that Jennifer is already an Oscar nominee and will probably be back before the AMPAS members soon enough. Her star shines bright and should continue that way for years to come.
Kate Upton impressed us time and again in 2012 with photo spreads that just seemed to get hotter and hotter. Jennifer Lawrence had quite a year as well with her successful streak of movies, but as far as hottie moments go, Kate was in charge in 2012.
That's my choice for 2012. Which one do you like?

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